Party Designer

You can celebrate special moments in so many ways: not only are there birthday parties and baby-showers, but also private dinners with special table settings and themes, Bridal Showers, cocktail parties and brunches. Each event has its own feel and takes place for a specific purpose. There may be many guests or just a few people to help celebrate a more intimate occasion; the location could be your own home or in a specially chosen place. Have a party designer means have the best experience of your party: a better manage, better design, fits, costs and gadgets!

Creating the perfect party is possible. If you want it, just call me! We will plan it together, giving it a theme, choosing the colors, the materials, and all the little details. We can aim for the atmosphere effect: astonishing everyone with the menu choice or for the extravagant setting or for the live music. The answer is in the word EVENT [i-‘vent], “a planned occasion or activity”: with Party Planner Mia the event will be very special!

As a Party Designer, I can also assist those who are wanting to plan something more simple or even just one unique aspect of an event, for example, creating custom and unique gadgets/giveways, decorating the location or creatively decorating the dishes to be served. The cost for these services is variable depending on your requirements. To request a quote:


(Italiano) Private Dinner, una cena esclusiva

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